H Y P E R H E L I K O N  I D E A S  C O N S U L T I N G

Initiated Intelligence

Illuminating Ideas

Who we are 


Our world has never been as fast-paced as it is today, a complex combination of skills and knowledge is required at every level of human life.

Hyperhelikon is an internationally operating network with academically accomplished researchers and speakers. We offer workshops, seminars and analysis tailored to your needs in our areas of expertise: competitive intelligence, public affairs, megatrend- and strategic analysis.


Our main objective is to educate and to create a framework for companies and people in which they can develop their skills to tackle misinformation, conspiracy theory narratives and infodemic overload.


 Together, we can build a future of active thinkers with the power to easily access their blitz-analysis skills.

Hyperhelikon Ideas Consulting AB

is a registered company according to  Swedish law.

Company nr: 559303-6071 incl. tax (F-skatt)


Insights and Illumination through lectures, workshops and events.

Academic Consulting

Initiated Intelligence for success in a new paradigm of knowledge.

Strategic Communication

Expert analysis for

maximzed impact.


Our story

Helikon is the holy mountain of the Greek gods. The winged horse Pegasus was able to fly higher than Helikon, carrying flashes for Zeus. Pegasus also sparked with his hoof on Mount Helikon, creating the well Hippokrene, providing with inspiration for poets, writers and artists who received the clear waters of illumination by the Nine Muses.